Spa « Le Saint-Jacques »

Built in August 2020, our Spa "Le Saint-Jacques" welcomes you for a relaxing moment, making your stay unforgettable.

Hammam - steam bath

Hôtel & Spa Saint Jacques - Spa

The Hammam is a humid bath with temperatures of 43 to 50°C and an air humidity of 90%. The session, lasting about 15 minutes, promotes muscle relaxation, the elimination of toxins and the opening of pores.
It provides intense relaxation within the body, relaxing the muscles, reduce stiffness and ligament pain.
It also helps relieve cold symptoms by clearing respiratory tracts.


Hotel & Spa Saint Jacques - Spa
Hotel & Spa Saint Jacques - Spa

The Sauna is a dry heat bath (between 3 and 20% humidity) between 70 and 100°C. The heating of the room is produced by a stove that heats stones on which you will pour water to create steam and raise the temperature.
The 20-minute session helps relaxing your body and mind, stimulates the immune system and activates many physiological regulatory systems.
The sauna also increases beta-endorphins, relieving muscle pain and optimizing recovery post-exercise.

Snow fountain

Hotel & Spa Saint Jacques - Spa

The contrasting action of the fine ice on the body has a bracing and invigorating effect after a relaxing steam bath - sauna or hammam.
Rubbing snow on different parts of the body stimulates blood circulation, firms the skin, relieves the joints and can be repeated several times during your sensory journey.

Four Seasons Shower

Hotel & Spa Saint Jacques - Spa
Hotel & Spa Saint Jacques - Spa

Choose from four very different shower experiences with sound, water and light effects inspired by the four seasons and the scents of the Mediterranean.

Massages and Care Treatments

Massages and Care Treatments

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in your room at any time with tailor-made treatments to recharge your batteries and enhance your stay:
Californian Massage (well-being and comfort)
Swedish Massage (to release tension)
Brazilian Massage (to drain, detoxify and tonic)
Plantar Reflexology (to relax in depth)
Jet Lag Massage (to recover your full energy)

During the day from 9am to 8pm (evening: from 8pm to 10pm)
Massage 60' : 110€ (150€)
Massage 90' : 150€ (190€)
Massage 2x 45' : 150€ (190€)