The capital’s leading pâtissiers have outdone themselves again this year in creating beautiful, innovative and utterly delicious specialties to grace your Christmas table. Their bûches de Noël (Yule logs) are a joy to behold (and eat!). Here’s our brief guide to the crème de la crème of Yule logs!


Yule logs as an homage to nature and the earth

The bûches de Noël season is back and this year heralds a host of irresistible masterpieces born from the imagination of chefs who delight in enchanting our eyes and taste buds with their Christmas magic.
How are we to choose between Le Nôtre’s traditional and convincingly ‘wooden’ log inspired by the forest, and the one by Yann Couvreur, giving pride of place to a cheeky fox?
The talent of Pierre Hermé is readily apparent in his ‘pine’ log and his essential Ispahan log, both of which offer a festival of flavours.
You’ll be unable to resist the allure of the logs and other Christmas creations of Pierre Marcolini as they whisk you off to Lapland.
Also reflecting the spirit of nature are the four creations of Jean-Paul Hévin. These will delight food lovers who care about the environment.


A gourmet and inventive journey

The imagination and inspiration of the great chefs seem limitless. Christmas 2019 is a foodie’s dream!
At Fouquet's Paris, they’re celebrating the 120th anniversary of this legendary Parisian brasserie with a bûche tribute to its founder, Louis Fouquet.
At Fauchon, François Daubinet offers a Yule log with a flambéed banana flavour.
At George V, the new chef pâtissier Michael Bartocetti has replicated the delicate beauty of an orchid to create an exquisite bûche de Noël.
Finally, the guitar-shaped bûche de Noël by Christophe Michalak returns this year to bring a touch of rock ‘n’ roll to your festive table.



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