Unquestionably an artist of genius, Pablo Picasso produced an abundance of fascinating work. This autumn, two exhibitions in Paris highlight new aspects of the master's talent; Chefs-d’œuvre (Masterpieces) at the Picasso Museum and Picasso Blue and Rose at the Orsay Museum.


The greatest works gathered at the Picasso Museum

From September 4th to January 13th, the Musée National Picasso gathers together for the first time the greatest works of the artist; those which made his name famous the world over. Special attention has been paid to the critical reception of his work, helping to define, via articles and publications, the perception of his canvases and sculptures that we have today.


An exploration of the artist’s blue and rose periods

In collaboration with the Picasso National Museum, from September 18th to January 6th, the Musée d'Orsay presents an exhibition devoted to the artist's blue and rose periods, from 1900 to 1906. This exceptional collection of works includes some lesser-known paintings and archive drawings from this critical phase in Picasso’s artistic development. A visionary artist, Pablo Picasso left a wondrous body of work that we never tire of contemplating.


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