Created by theatre enthusiasts, history buffs and lovers of the capital's picturesque streets, the Visites Spectacles are guided walking tours in the form of fun and informative live dramas, performed before your eyes, in the most beautiful districts of Paris. The Hotel Saint-Jacques recommends a visit to the Latin Quarter, where you will become involved in an exciting criminal investigation. Can you spot the clues and solve the mystery of… The Latin Quarter Crime?


The Visites Spectacles are a different way of discovering Paris

The Visites Spectacles are a beguiling blend of theatre and guided walking tour. Presented and performed by a troupe of professional actors, they adapt stories from Parisian history and tell them in such a way that they immerse you in the very soul of the capital. Extraordinary settings and amazing characters appear throughout. The Hotel Saint-Jacques invites you to dive into the heart of the historic 5th arrondissement of Paris via a dramatic and fascinating tour of the Latin Quarter that takes you past such magnificent landmarks as the Pantheon, the Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, the Sorbonne University and the Cluny Museum.


The plot...

It all begins at the Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, where a young student called Iris Levert has been murdered with an axe that formerly belonged to the Frankish king, Clovis. Why was Iris killed? What had she learned that was so terrible she had to be silenced? Why was this murder committed with a Merovingian axe? These are just a few of the questions around which the Visite Spectacle called The Latin Quarter Crime revolves, and you are invited to solve the mystery.

This 90-minute show, which is open to all, although very young children might find it upsetting, usually takes place on Saturday evenings, as soon as it’s dark. Aspiring detectives should gather at 21 Place du Panthéon (5th), in front of the Pantheon’s entrance gates, to experience an exciting and intriguing adventure with thrills guaranteed.


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