Paris summer exhibitions 2013 present an ideal opportunity to experience some fascinating culture and art while the city is relatively quiet. With many Parisians away on holiday there is no better time to tour the capital's museums, as waiting times are greatly reduced. Situated in the Latin Quarter's Rue des Ecoles, the Hotel Saint-Jacques is at the heart of the city's cultural activities.

Paris summer exhibitions 2013: some recommendations for the visitor

The Theorem of Nefertiti runs until 8th September at the Arab World Institute, where the furtherance of understanding between the European and Arab worlds is fostered. Focusing on Egypt, this is a bold and questioning examination of how art becomes iconographic, illustrated by examples spanning history from the days of the Pharaohs up until the modern era.


The work of the 19th century artist, Félicie de Fauveau, the Amazon Of Sculpture, is celebrated at the Orsay Museum until 15th September. This pioneering feminist was very popular in her day, but slipped into undeserved obscurity after her support for the Royalist cause led to her exile in Italy. She was the first woman to make a living from her art, which is comparable to that of the Romantic era's greats and touches on Gothic, Renaissance, Catholic and heraldic themes.

The abstract art of the 20th century painter Simon Hantaï is represented by 130 of his striking canvases at the Pompidou Centre until 2nd September. This is the first major retrospective in 35 years for the Hungarian born artist, famous for his folded canvas techniques.

The Chaillot Palace, sitting proudly atop its hill facing the Eiffel Tower, is the setting until 8th September for an exhibition of the work of the Algerian born architect, Rudy Ricciotti. The provocative and flamboyant aesthetic ingenuity of this exponent of the French architectural new wave is well worth your attention.

The Hotel Saint-Jacques is so convenient for Paris summer exhibitions 2013

Using our aesthetically delightful hotel as your base, you can easily explore the cultural and artistic wealth of Paris. We at the Hotel Saint-Jacques will be pleased to assist with your travel arrangements.

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