New official site : we at the Hotel Saint-Jacques are very pleased with our new website and news page, and we hope that you will find it very useful in learning about our hotel, and for keeping up with the news of Paris events and places of interest. We intend to keep our news regularly updated, informing you of our recommendations for things to do and see, and to keep you abreast of our very latest offers and services.

New official site of the Hotel Saint-Jacques will keep you in the loop


The décor and theme of the Hotel Saint-Jacques is inspired by the Belle Epoque; the golden era of peace and prosperity in the decades before and just after the turn of the century. The blossoming of French art and literature, the rise of Art Nouveau and Post-Impressionism, and the emphasis on elegance and refinement which characterised the era are all made manifest in the ambience of our charming establishment.


Please take the virtual tour of the premises both inside and out, and peruse the gallery of photographs, and this will be made clear. Our six floors and thirty six spacious rooms are rich with decorative and architectural detail. Indeed, the Hotel Saint-Jacques gives the impression of stepping back into a more elegant time, and yet we have all the modern conveniences you could desire, such as free WiFi and air conditioning.


A major modernity we offer is our frequently updated new official site, where we will be sure to keep you up to date on the many attractions of our fair city. We also intend to continue posting our best offers and special deals, many of which will be exclusive on the net.


Hotel Saint-Jacques : take full advantage of our new official site


At the Hotel Saint-Jacques you are invited to avail yourself of the assistance of our helpful, friendly and knowledgeable multilingual staff. Here we are conveniently situated for discovering the city on foot, but we are also close to the public transport network.