The history of France and Paris told in 50 minutes in a very original, clever and entertaining way... This is what you can expect from a Night at the Invalides with the sound and light show entitled Lutetia; 3000 Years of History, created by Bruno Seillier. Discover this incredible event in the impressive Invalides courtyard from July 12th to August 30th during your stay at the Hotel Saint-Jacques.


A breathtaking sound and light show

For eight years, Night at the Invalides has been a must-see summer show. The 2019 edition invites you to step back in time to learn about our nation’s glorious history and the pivotal part played by the city of Paris. Lutetia; 3000 Years of History whirls you briskly through the great moments of this stirring epic from the days of the Gallo-Roman settlement of Lutetia to the Paris of the 21st century.

A technological marvel, this summer's show promises you 50 minutes of exceptional sensory travel with 3D projection via a state-of-the-art 4K laser projector. The facades of the buildings surrounding the majestic courtyard are illuminated in perfect synchronisation to create a truly immersive experience. The soundtrack features the voices of seasoned narrators, including famous actors such as Jean Piat, André Dussolier, Céline Duhamel and Jacques Roehrich.


The Church of the Dome offers a walk by the light of a thousand candles

After the show, don’t forget to extend your evening by visiting the Church of the Dome. The glittering golden roof of this superb building stands sentinel over a French military memorial housing Napoleon's monumental red quartz and granite tomb. Mark the 250th anniversary year of the birth of the French statesman and military leader with a candlelit visit to his last resting place. The Dome also houses the tombs of Napoleon’s son and brothers, as well as other French military heroes and the heart of Vauban, the French military engineer.


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Photo credit: © Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : Daniel Thierry

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