This spring, why not enjoy a change of pace and treat yourself and your loved ones to a stay in Paris at the Hotel Saint Jacques to celebrate Easter in the most delicious of ways? Discover innovative and seductive chocolates, as beautiful to look at as they are to taste, courtesy of the most brilliant chocolatiers of our time.


Sweet treats with Christophe Adam

This year Easter Sunday falls on April 1st, so treats that have a sense of humour will be at the gourmet forefront. Christophe Adam renews his collaboration with L'Éclair de Génie and offers you an amazing rainbow of ducks, plus funny egg boxes to make you smile and whet your appetite.


Graceful eggs with Jacques Genin

Jacques Genin, the leading chocolatier, has had the bright idea to team up with an artist to create unique, hand painted eggs that are as exquisite on the tongue as they are to the eye. You’ll want to sit them on the table to admire their beauty, but you won’t be able to resist their delicious temptation for long!


The Hotel Saint-Jacques Paris, your cosy Parisian nest

The Hotel Saint-Jacques Paris welcomes you for the Easter weekend. We are situated on the Rue de Écoles, in the Latin Quarter, on the Left Bank. We offer an elegant setting, with antique furniture and thick hangings, for romantic inspiration. Our rooms each have a unique personality and are decorated with great taste. Havens of comfort and serenity, they offer the most delightful of restful nights. When you wake up, you can enjoy your breakfast in the delightfully retro setting of our Cabaret Belle Époque style dining room. By choosing the Hotel Saint-Jacques Paris, you are assured of irreproachable service and an atmosphere full of charm.